Tuesday, April 28, 2009

April Deals

If you aren't taking advantage of freebies, start now!

Every Wednesday, The Salvation Army, takes 50% off their clothes giving it the name, "Wacky Wednesday." The sale is in Miami Dade and Broward County.

Wednesday, 4/29, Baskin Robbins host their 31-cent Scoop Night from 5 - 10 p.m. Stop by the ice cream store and get a scoop of your favorite flavor for just 31 cents.

Fashionable and tasty freebies, I like!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

B&W Photos

Pictures of a closed, run-down school in Key West.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Youth Fair

Last week I went to the Miami Dade Youth Fair and the kiddies were on Spring Break - huge mistake. There were tons of people and the line for parking took forever to get a parking space. Although we are under a recession, it didn't seem like it at all.

The food was delicious as always. I had pizza, funnel cake (a must at the fair!), and Dippin' Dots ice cream. I didn't ride anything because I feel too old for that, and I don't trust the carnies and their building abilities. Here are some pictures.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Iced Coffee Day

I was told about this great promotion Dunkin Donuts is having, thanks to a friend at the Penn Trafford Star.

On April 21, or Iced Coffee Day,Dunkin Donuts will sell 16 oz. iced coffee for 50 cents. Proceeds will go towards building Homes For Our Troops. Several Dunkin Donuts shops on W 49 street and Hialeah are participating in the cause. For more participating stores around your area, visit either sites I have linked to.

And remember to always support our troops!

Thursday, April 2, 2009


Last Wednesday I had the chance of checking out the new released film, Adventureland, for free at a special screening thanks to Miami On The Cheap. It turned out that Adventurland, turned into an adventure in itself.

See, I told El Capitan to go get some McDonald's while we were still in line and I'd shove it into my purse if we didn’t have time to eat it outside, thinking we would get away with it because who checks a purse at a movie theater anyway? The McDonald's bag was filled with 6 burgers and 2 small fries, all shoved in my purse. After running outside to the parking lot, to shove the food in my purse, run back in to catch up with our friend and the moving line, we see her already at the front of the line, I take the ticket out and show it to the gentlemen collecting the tickets.

“He’s with me!” I tell the gentlemen as I am pointing at my guest.

Smooth. We caught up to her and are finally heading in. Yeah right.

All of a sudden, I’m trapped in by 2 gentlemen in a suit, and one with a metal detector. The one with the metal detector demands to see through my friend’s purse, and the other one demands to see through mine. I realize then they were searching through all women’s purse for weapons, cameras, and me sneaking food into the theater? I froze. For a second I just stared at my friend while her purse was being searched.

The gentleman says to her, “You have a camera in there?” She had nothing but a cellphone and wallet, so she shakes her purse and says, “No just this.” She is given the o.k. to pass.

My turn… All I can think about is the man saying in a loud tone of voice, “You have McDonald’s in there? You can’t sneak food into a theater!” and being embarrassed in front of everyone!

Hurry. Think quick. I grab the purse, lean it against my body, and hold the McDonald’s bag with one hand and start shoving everything in my purse on top of it with the other hand. Bills, a check stub, my wallet, receipts, lip gloss, anything that would possibly hide the McDonald’s bag and embarrassment on top of it. I tell the gentleman, “Ugh. There are kind of a lot of things in here” and he just kept staring into it not convinced, until finally he says, “It’s a mess in there. Go right ahead.”

Phew. I don’t know how I managed to get away with that at all, but thankfully the mess in my purse and my quick Hialeah thinking skills managed to save me an embarrassment.

As for the movie, if you’re expecting it to be anything that Superbad is, then stop right now and go watch another film. The advertising for the film really makes it seem like a comedy, but turns out to be more of a romance/drama. You would think a job at a carnival or fair would set great memories for the characters, but fails to do that. Instead, it seems like Adventureland is their black whole and they’re trapped in it with no way out. The love story is anything but cute and the comedy barely grabs any laugh out loud laughs from the audience. The acting is not bad, but Kristen Stewart a.k.a Bella, wife of Vampire Edward Cullen, needs acting lessons as she is just about every other character she’s played in every movie. Probably the best part of the film is Ryan Reynolds and his cute looks.

Folks, I wouldn’t have paid to see this movie that’s why thankfully I got to see it for free. Now, I am telling you to wait for it on Blockbuster or skip it then, too.

But remember to check out the Marlins against the Washington Nationals in the opening game, beginning at 4:10 p.m. today. Go Marlins!