Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Your Hialeah Moment

I saw this very strange ice cream van on the street. It stood out for the "Doctors Toy Store." I don't know what type of toy's they have in their but it was just odd. And it got better once I got closer...

The license plate read, "LOV BOX." Yeah, you read that right! Super creepy in a child molester way, not the love for ice cream.

I don't know what type of luvin goes on in it, but I wouldn't let my child get near this ice cream truck.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Einstein Bagels coupon

Einstein Bagels is offering 25% off any purchase, now until 9/29. Hurry up as the offer is only good for another week! Click here for the coupon.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Pollo Tropical Coupons

So we've been MIA for some time now due to a load of school work and are still trying to adjust to this new crazy schedule.

But I wanted to share with all of you some delicioso coupons for Pollo Tropical. The coupons don't expire until Dec. 31 and include coupons for family meals, and 1/4 chicken meals.

Thanks to miami Fl on the cheap for the tip!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Cheap Movies

Want to watch a movie for a cheap price? Head on over to the Cobb Theaters on Red Road, located behind the Chili's and Lowes.

For a limited time offer, the theatre is offering all ticket prices for $6! That's a whole savings of $3 or more from a regular movie theatre admission that can range from $9 - $10 per adult. The theatre features stadium seating, wide food menu, digital sound, and a lobby with several arcade games.

No word on why the change of price, but we are guessing the recession has something to do with it.

And for those of you that are skeptical on the location of the theatre, it is not a bad neighborhood as it may appear to some. We have seen lots of movies here and have never witnessed anything bad occur. The parking lot is well lit with security and a police officer on dutie.

Address is: 17355 NW 59th Avenue (57th Ave.), Miami Lakes, Fl 33015. Phone: 305-231-5226