Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A Day At The Harvest Festival

The weekend before last (Nov. 21) we visited the Harvest Festival that took place at the Miami Dade Fair Expo. The event featured music, arts and crafts, independent vendors, food, and unique things that make for great Christmas gifts. Here are pictures from the event.

The event featured a few classical and vintage cars.

Lot's of country style ornaments.

A reminder of the days left to shop for the Holiday!

This antique lamp was worth $350.

These margaritaville signs were a hit. It seemed like everyone had purchased one.

Finally we approached our friends at The Nikki Bee Bowtique. Plenty of bows on sale for the little cuties and a huge success for the bowtique.

Bow holders by Nikki Bee Bowtique.

Even Santa joined in on the fun by listening to children grant their holiday gift wish.

Because there was no funnel cake I had to settle for an elephant ear and may I add it doesn't compare. Funnel cakes taste way better.

The goodies we picked up at Nikkie Bee Bowtique.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Busy Weekend

Lots going on this weekend, not enough time. Please refer to SFDB for the Weekend Widget located on the right hand side of the page. You will see highlighted in gray "What To Do This Weekend" with links to events and info. Hope you guys enjoy what the city is offering!

Our post on the Harvest Festival is featured in the widget. Thanks for the link love!

Cancun Grill Spices Up Your Dinner

Now until 1/19/10 Cancun Grill is offering coupons to 3 different locations in South Florida. Specials include, FREE 2 house margaritas, free dessert, or appetizer with the purchase of 2 adult entrees. Also, a free entree with the purhcase of 1 adult entree. Coupons are 1 per table.

For coupons click here.

Thanks to a pretty lady for the tip!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Vampire seekers flock to Forks

With the release of Twilights New Moon this week, we are very excited and glad we don't have to wait any longer to see the outcome of the sequel. We wanted to share with you a piece that was on The Today Show based on the town of Forks and how its handling its new popularity. The town of Forks is where Twilight is set.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Harvest Festival

What: Harvest Festival
Where: Miami Dade Fair Expo
When: Nov. 21-22
$: Early birds are $12 at the door, $10 in advance on line & $8 general admission. Parking is FREE!
Why: Come out and enjoy arts and crafts, activities, live music, food samples, and antique cars.

Click here for the Harvest Festival’s website and for a $2 coupon off adult admission.

Make sure if you attend to check out our friends at the Nikki Bee Bowtique exhibit. Things on display include plenty of cute bows of all occasions, for all ages. Nikki specializes in custom creations with samples available at the exhibit. Customers will also have the opportunity to place custom orders. This is the first time Nikki Bee Bowtique is a seller at the festival and is very excited to share her creations with the public. Let them know you heard about them from our blog. To check out what the Bowtique offers, visit the Nikki Bee Bowtique website, or search “Nikki Bee Bowtique” on Facebook.

Friday, November 6, 2009

MuteMath concert

Wednesday night we headed to the MuteMath concert at Revolution and were very excited to see them yet again as we’ve seen them 3 times before. This time around we had new things to look forward to which were our VIP passes and finally watching them perform their new album, Armistice. It was also a special night for El Novio as it was his first MuteMath concert.

With our VIP passes we were let in half an hour before general admission and were treated to pizza, cold drinks, first look at the band’s merchandise, and a spot in front of the stage. AsTallAsLions were the opening band. These guys did a great job with a very animated performance full of facial expressions, grooving, and eclectic songs.

When Mutemath came out performing “The Nerve” the crowd went wild! This was the craziest crowd we’ve ever experienced at one of their concerts, with moshing, crowd surfing, sing alongs, and energetic fans. This band is known for their great live performance and yet again they did not disappoint. The set list included both new and old songs. Lead singer, Paul Meany was just as much fun as he was in the past, jumping and flipping over his keyboard, intriguing the crowd with what is known as The Atari, and jumping into the crowd with the microphone stand and all. Drummer Darren King always kills it on the drums. This time around, King had fans hold up a drum while he stood on top of it, and jumped into the crowd to crowd surf. It was one amazing concert with an amazing band. I took tons of pictures but here the best ones.

Bass player and lead singer of AsTallAsLions.

Paul Meany, lead singer of MM and his keytar. <3

Drummer Darren with the headphones scotch taped around his face and chin.

Bass player, Roy.

Guitar player, Greg.

The Atari

When Meany went into the crowd with the microphone. Twas awesome!

Drummer, Darren King on his drum while fans hold it up before he crowd surfs onto fans.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009