Monday, August 17, 2009

Picture of the Week

Mute Math Listening Party

As mentioned in previous blogs, Mute Math is one of our favorite bands for their energetic performances, use of instruments, personality, uniqueness, kindness, and music (of course!). The much anticipated sophomore album, titled Armistice, is set for release on August 18, 2009. The band starts touring for the new album on August 18, as well.

Mute math came up with a unique idea for hardcore fans, or non fans, to hear the album before its actual release date. Giving people the option of purchasing a concert ticket for its regular price, or purchasing a VIP Package ticket for $30 more which includes a lithograph of the Armistice cover, t-shirt, ticket to the concert (city of choice) with first in line VIP passes, album listening party invite, a digital copy of the c.d., and bonus tracks not on the c.d. And not mentioned until after, those who purchased the VIP package are now part of the official Mute Math fan club.

I was one of the lucky fans who had the privilege to attend the listening party, experiencing a personal and intimate album release event like no other before. Upon arrival, we spotted the Armistice tour bus, and all 7 of us were let in by the friendly staff that proceeded with questions about our knowledge of the band, their music, attendance to concerts, and so forth. Prior to listening to Armistice, the tracks were listed on a TV screen with the album cover art, and we were handed a comment/review sheet for jotting down our thoughts while listening. Later, our “first impressions” would be featured on along with pictures of those who attended.

Coming into this, I expected something way different, maybe more so of the old MM but was blown away by the new MM. They’ve definitely experimented and broaden their musical talents with a high energetic sound full of different instruments and mature lyrics that showcase their abilities beautifully. Armistice has so many sounds that of which include, rock, funk, electro, indie, new wave, anything and everything they thought of, they did. All of the songs on the album take you to a whole other world. If these guys deliver the new songs with the same energy they have in past concerts, it is set to be quite the show. They just don’t disappoint. Some of the band members even joined fans at some of the listening parties; unfortunately they were flying back from a show in Japan during ours, and couldn’t attend (bummer!).

Our VIP MMLP goodies found in the MuteMath bag.

The tour bus (outside) loaded with art from the album cover.

To view the track listings and listen to a 30 second sample of each song on Armistice, listen here, via amazon.

Remember the album drops tomorrow, Aug. 18 and if you want to check out their fun and energetic concerts, purchase a ticket to Revolution in Ft.Lauderdale on Nov. 4.

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