Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Miami ranks 7th for agressive drivers

After four years of being ranked number one for the most agressive drivers, Miami comes in at number 7. The Big Apple now takes the number 1 spot on the list, with New York drivers being known for losing their temper on the road. Miami does however, win the number 1 spot where drivers are most likely to be seen putting on make up, reading, or shaving while on the road. Read more via MSNBC to see what states had the most pleasant drivers.

From personal experience, I have seen drivers do all sorts of crazy things behind the wheel, from applying mascara, to eating, drinking, or having one foot out the window. There is a saying that goes, "If you know how to drive in Miami,you can drive anywhere." Though a lot of people assume this saying applies to them because quote "they know how to drive", when they really don't. And I will admit, I have had my share of road rage from time to time. Perhaps what gets to me the most is when someone in a scooter, going 30 mph, is on the road with 10 cars stuck behind them with no lane to pass around. Although, I won't dare to make any obscene gestures or scream aloud to someone because the truth is you never know when a crazy person might pull out a weapon. In general, Miami coming in seventh place is not that bad considering we could have been downgraded to a higher spot like second or third place. Nonetheless, always remember to drive safely.

If you have witnessed obscene gestures, profanity, lipstick, shaving raizors, etc. flying out of sun roofs/car windows, let us know your experience. Even if it's sharing your most agressive moment on the road.


Heidi said...

I was in a parking lot one time at a Hispanic supermarket and some guy got out of his truck and started chasing a car with a hammer. Don't piss those people off!!

I will possibly get my first real driving experience in Miami when I go down this summer...hopefully, it's successful!

Follow me?

Heidi said...

P.S. I see Pittsburgh is in the top 5 of most pleasant drivers haha

Alejandro said...

Where do we rank on the most annoying "RANDOM FLIER HANDER OUTERS"? Those people are the worst. Oh! and those guys with the over sized white suits that are collecting money for something. They are really persistent. At least the individuals who are selling something are offering a service. I call it "RED LIGHT RAGE".