Thursday, February 19, 2009

V-Day in the Keys

This past weekend, El Capitan and I went down to the Keys for Valentine's Day. It was a great relaxing weekend spent with each other, riding our new beach cruiser bikes(they made the car ride!), and exploring new places. And may I add, the weather was perfect! Especially for a burning tan that turned out to be very painful. Anyway, here are some shots from the weekend.

An interesting something. Not sure if this is a caterpillar or what.

Our pimp beach cruisers. His: darker blue, Hers: sky blue (

We went for a bike stroll/walk in a conservation park.

Silver Buttonwood Plant that can grow 25-30 feet tall. Great for pest problems and highly salt tolerant.

I wish they would have placed a sign by this tree. The flowers are phenomenal and seemed like wax. I had never seen anything like it before. Picture by El Capitan.

El Capitan took this picture...

I took this one and that's when I got attacked...

I got attacked by these red ants when I unexpectedly invaded their base. Boy, was it painful!

Enjoying a "pain in the ass" at Rum Runners.

Sunday we went for a bike ride. After our 5 mile bike ride we stopped at Island Grill for some refreshments and an appetizer. Although we only had the mozzarella sticks, they were delicious! Island Grill is next to the water so you can come in by boat or car. I apologize for the late picture of the mozzarella sticks, I was just too hungry at the moment, so yes there were more than 3 sticks on the plate.

This guy frequently stops at the house. We fed him some ol' bait.

This plant is absolutely beautiful! So beautiful it seems fake in the picture, at least the purple & white parts. I'm not sure what type of plant it is but El Capitan says it's a type of plant from the desert.

A very nice weekend, but too short. Until then...


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I remember those green, prickly caterpillars from pre-school. I used to put them in jars all the time!